Emma (soggy_muse) wrote in poetry_monkeys,

Dark in the Light

A weird poem that makes no sense.

Dark in the eyes,
like night, but
its light too -

painful light like
dreams, or night-
mares. All at

once, and its like
sound and silence
when might makes
right or the

meek don't inher-
it the Earth.
Conflict. Lots

of conflict, like
war or marriage,
sibling ri-
valry, rows

in the dark when
sleep didn't
come; when dreams

are interrupted
and the sand-
man is lost.

Dark in the eyes
and pain so
bright it makes

you ache ways you
never ached;
like noise

or the sound of
chainsaws, hung-
ry chainsaws

that saw the feast
but didn't
partake. Dark

that blinds and sound
that makes you
silent. Pain

and dreams in the
dark that's light,
the might that's

right. Confusion
and conflict
in the dark.

Toldja it's weird o__0
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